Valve Source Games are Getting Their Assets Leaked; Revealing Content From TF2, Portal, and More

Ule Lopez

It seems like Valve has suffered its biggest leak as of yet, as several repositories from various Source titles were released out into the wild not too long ago. Initially, it was reported that the leak only extended to TF2. However, we now have data from lots of Valve games, including titles like Portal and Counter-Strike: Source.

The TF2 leak was already pretty impressive by itself. Users had access to over 61GB of unused Team Fortress 2 maps, models, textures, and animations. A lot of it was pretty much left unseen by the gaming community up until now. Richter Overtime on Twitter shared an image that should tell users how big this leak was for TF2 by itself:

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Now, the leak was followed up with a huge file dump of the Valve repositories. According to Twitter user @sylvia_braixen, Valve had a repository of all their development assets that they'd give to people with a source engine license. It's confirmed by one of the leakers (who held onto this repository since 2016) that they had access to this repository, as shown below:

As you can see in the picture above, the repository files include builds for Half-Life 2: Multiplayer, Counter-Strike: Source, Portal, and even Half-Life 2 and its subsequent episodes. Users are obviously beginning to dig through these files to find unused content at the scale of the Team Fortress 2 leak, which could provide a lot of insight into Valve's source games. Of course, people are already starting to post their findings.

This leak was foreshadowed not too long ago as earlier this week, an early prototype of Valve's Left 4 Dead was leaked and sent to Gamebanana. The leak was teased on Twitter days before it happened by one of the hosters of the L4D prototype.

When the leaked repositories were initially released, they were accessible through a discord server known as Valve Cut Content. However, after a flood of users who tried to check out the leaked files, the server stopped accepting new members. It's important to note that there may be possible action from Valve following this leak. So, stay tuned for more updates on this story as they come.

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