Left 4 Dead Characters Come to Zombie Army Trilogy on PC

Zombie Army Trilogy for PC is getting a free update that'll include some of the characters from Left 4 Dead 1 and 2 carefully reimagined as if they came from the 1940's.

Zombie Army Trilogy
Zombie Army Trilogy
Zombie Army Trilogy
Zombie Army Trilogy
Zombie Army Trilogy

Zombie Army Trilogy update adds all eight Left 4 Dead survivors to help out Karl Fairburne fight the horde.

Rebellion and Valve have released quite the mind-bending crossover, taking the intriguing and eccentric characters from Left 4 Dead and transporting them through time into WWII during the Hitler Horde epidemic.

"As thrilling zombie shooters designed to be enjoyed with friends, Zombie Army Trilogy and Left 4 Dead share a lot of common ground. Our offices are filled with people who enjoy Left 4 Dead during breaks, and at lunchtime you'll usually hear a few yells of 'Boomer!'

- Jason Kingsley, CEO, Rebellion

Wondering how they went through time into the past? 2000 AD has made a free comic that explains all of the majestic circumstances that transports our sole survivors into the past. Check out that comic right here.

To commemorate the release of the crossover update, Zombie Army Trilogy is 66% off on Steam right now for $15.29.

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