Horizon Zero Dawn Patch 1.40 Released; Frozen Wilds DLC Gets New Trailer From PGW

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Oct 31, 2017

Horizon Zero Dawn patch 1.40 has been released by Guerrilla Games alongside a new trailer for the upcoming Frozen Wilds expansion.

The new update adds support for the Frozen Wilds DLC and various animation fixes. In addition, the patch addresses several progression related issues, and offers some general fixes. You’ll find the official release notes below:

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Patch Summary:

  • Support for ‘The Frozen Wilds’ expansion has been added.
  • The patch contains general animation fixes.
  • Fixed an issue where outfit resistance was not calculated correctly for some players when they added slotting mods to the outfits.
  • Fixed an issue where some players would experience an unintended longer jump during light melee attacks.
  • Fixed an issue where certain players experienced Aloy to remain stuck in a pose and fly through the air after getting knocked off from a Tallneck.
  • Fixed an issue where some players experience the Nora NPC’s not helping Aloy to fight off the enemy during the “Clear the Camps” objective.
  • Fixed an issue where some players experienced that the blaze canister explosions did not make any sound.

General Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where some players would experience the robot not investigating a triggered alarm mine.
  • Fixed an issue where some players could let Aloy traverse far outside the map when heading East from the campfire, while heading towards the objective “Go to the Ruins of GAIA Prime”.
  • Fixed an issue where some players would experience Longlegs failing to respawn to the site, after Aloy cleared the Longleg encounters around Cut-Cliffs on her way to ‘Meridian’.
  • Fixed an issue where some players would experience outfits nog being calculated correctly after slotting two or more mods.
  • Fixed an issue for the controls where some players could let Aloy to become fixed to a plane and be able to move horizontally across the map.
  • Fixed an issue for some players for the interactions of the NPC’s that are not in combat.

Progression Issues Fixes:

  • Fixed a progression issue in “A seeker at the Gates” where some players experienced the ‘Carja Fort Gate’ wouldn’t open after fast-travelling.
  • Fixed an issue in ‘Lessons of the wild’ where some players would experience the Watcher staying in an alert state after skipping the quest sequence, which would cause the objective to remain as “Wait for the Watcher to Pass”.
  • Fixed an issue in ‘The Mountain That Fell’ where some players would experience Aloy getting stuck between the gaps near the boulder next to a campfire.

Crash fixes:

  • Fixed an issue in “To Curse the Darkness” where some players would experience a crash while trying to climb ‘Faro Tech’.

Miscellaneous fixes:

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  • Minor text fixes.
  • Minor animation fixes.

Guerrilla Games and Sony also released a brand-new trailer for the Frozen Wilds expansion during Sony’s Paris Games Week press conference. Check out that trailer below:

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds is slated for a release on November 7th.