You Can Use 5G On iPhone Thanks to Netgear’s Nighthawk M5 Hotspot


Netgear has announced a new mobile hotspot called Nighthawk M5, which supports all variants of 5G, as well as Wi-Fi 6 for compatible devices. Using Netgear Nighthawk M5 means that you can connect your iPhone to it and enjoy 5G network speeds on the go.

Nighthawk M5 hotspot supports 5GNR Sub 6 GHz (NSA), which means that it can connect to Millimeter Wave (mmWave) and Sub-6 networks for 5G connectivity. This allows the hotspot to support theoretical peak download speeds of 4Gbps. Actual speeds will depend on your location and service provider. Along with Wi-Fi 6 connectivity, a gigabit Ethernet port is also available on the hotspot which can be used to connect to wired devices like laptops and PCs. Netgear says that the mobile hotspot provides all day battery life, and can also be plugged directly into a power outlet to work without the battery.

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A 2.4” color touch display allows quick access to data usage monitoring, networking settings, Wi-Fi password, and other diagnostic tools. The lock screen can be configured to show time, date and data usage information. An app is also available for easy network management and configuration, as well as data usage monitoring. The app can also be used to manage parental controls, set access rights and filter content.

The versatility of Nighthawk M5’s features means that it can be used as a home router as well as a mobile hotspot to be taken on the go. It can connect up to 32 devices via WiFi which makes it useable in a wide variety of use cases.

The benefit of having such a hotspot is that you can use it with your current iPhone, iPad or Android device and take advantage of 5G connection speeds. Nighthawk M5 hotspot will be available starting May 2020. A price has yet to be announced by Netgear.