World War Z: Aftermath’s First Big Update Adds a New Zombie Type, Daily Challenges, and More

World War Z Aftermath

World War Z: Aftermath launched last month, adding new chapters set in Vatican City and Kamchatka, first-person combat, and more to the game, and now this refreshed World War Z has received its first free update. You can expect a new opponent, the toxic Booster zombie, which enhances all the undead around it, additional Daily Challenges, lore documents that expand the WWZ universe, and more. You can check out a quick trailer for World War Z: Aftermath’s Booster Zombie Update, below.

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Have you not been keeping up with World War Z: Aftermath? You can get a fuller rundown on what the expansion adds to the core game here. Meanwhile, here’s a bit more detail about what to expect from the Booster Zombie Update…

The Free Booster Zombie Update introduces the new Booster zombie type, adding more terror to the battlefield. Armed with concentrated bio samples, it enhances all zombies around it, making them even deadlier. This is one undead enemy you’ll want to keep a close watch for. Also added today are World War Z: Aftermath’s new Daily Challenges, giving the community new opportunities to earn bonus in-game rewards each day.

Finally, today’s update also introduces rare Lore Documents that can appear on Daily and Weekly Challenge Maps. Finding all of them on each map unlocks a special passive perk for that level, giving players new discoveries, experiences and rewards when replaying missions through all of the game’s zombie-ravaged locations.

World War Z: Aftermath is available now on PC (via the Epic Games Store), Xbox One, and PS4, and playable via backward compatibility on Xbox Series X/S and PS5. A full next-gen upgrade, which will include the exclusive Horde Mode XL with more zombies than ever, will launch sometime in 2022. The free Booster Zombie Update should be available to download now.

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