Windows 8 Beta coming in February says Microsoft


Everyone has been waiting restlessly for this time for years now. Microsoft is known for its highly intrusive operating system, Windows, which is used by a vast majority throughout the world. Next in line is Windows 8 which has yet again captivated all the users as this time Microsoft is about to revolutionize the Windows OS. Since the past few months we have been talking about the new features in Windows 8 but there was no official word from Microsoft regarding the first beta version of Windows 8 until today. It’s coming in February 2012 folks!

Earlier it was speculated that Microsoft will debut the new operating system in January at CES 2012 but now the software giants have officially said that Windows 8 Beta will arrive in February along with the Microsoft Windows 8 Store which will be offering free applications for the beta run to testers.

Windows 8 will not only invade desktops and laptops but this time Microsoft has also addressed the growing trend of tablets and hence you will also see Windows 8 running on various tablets as Microsoft intends to enter the battle of tablets as well with Google’s Android, RIM’s Blackberry Playbook and Apple’s iOS on iPad.

Windows 8 is said to include a completely new design which is said to be ‘Metro UI’, similar to that found in Windows Phone 7 OS. We’ll be seeing our favorite applications as tiles on desktop. Moreover, Microsoft has also revamped the task manager in Windows 8 making it more user friendly. The welcome screen will be finally customizable by default, thanks to Microsoft for integrating a tool that will allow you to customize your startup screen.

Will we see Microsoft yet again conquering the PC’s as it has been doing in the past with Windows XP and then Windows 7? Will Microsoft outclass its tablet rivals with Windows 8? These queries will be answered in the coming year as the battle between the software giants continues.