Windows 10 Will Be Available To Download On USB Sticks And DVDs

With new features added in the latest Windows 10 Mobile Build 10151, another feature that will provide tons of convenience to consumers looking to upgrade their Windows 7 or 8 platform is that Windows 10 will be available to install on USB flash drives and DVDs. Windows 10 is slated for a July 29 release for desktops, laptops and tablets, and thanks to latest mobile build leak, the timing is not far when the operating system will be available for smartphones as well.

Windows 10 For USB Will Be Available For An Online Download

According to German tech site, an image was released showing both DVD and USB flash drive versions of Windows 10 stock listings. The platform will be available to download online, which means that it is going to be in an ISO format, which prevents you from downloading a copy every time you decided to re-install the operating system, which is very helpful indeed.

In our opinion, Microsoft has brought in a game changer as far as a downloadable copy is concerned. This is because thousands of users and enterprises have pretty much discarded their optical drives in favor of digital downloads, which can also be stored overtime in storage paraphernalia for later use. In the end, this saves both users and companies’ ridiculous amounts of time that they would be wasting in sifting through their DVD collection.

Furthermore, USB flash drives have a far longer life span compared to DVDs and also exhibit greater read and write speeds, which only means that installing Windows 10 through an ISO formatted flash drive will be a breeze as compared to running it through a DVD (While flash drives feature more read and write speeds, the total speed of these gadgets will also depend upon their own speed threshold and if they are using the USB 3.0 interface).

Majority of companies have stopped outfitting their products with optical drivers in order to reduce their thickness for improved aesthetics (and additional cost savings). We already believe ISO downloads of Windows 10 will exceed that of DVDs, which should be expected. So will you opt for an ISO download, or would you rather go old school with your Windows 10 purchase. Let us know your thoughts.

Image source: Element14


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