Windows 11 Will Be Officially Announced Today – Here’s How to Watch the Event


Microsoft is going to officially announce Windows 11 today. While several leaks last week gave us an early look at this new generation of Windows, there is a lot left to be seen and a ton of questions that need answers.

The Windows maker had suggested that Windows 10 will be the last version of the OS that will continue to be updated through feature updates. However, it appears that the company may be ready for a new name with a new design.

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If you are curious about where Microsoft is going to take its desktop operating system, you can watch the official announcement through today's livestream scheduled for 11 am Eastern Time (11 - another hint that it's not just an update for Windows 10).

Head over to Microsoft to watch the Windows 11 keynote

You can watch this Windows 11 event where Microsoft promises to tell us "what's next for Windows" to know more about the OS. A second event is scheduled for 3 pm Eastern Time, exclusively for developers, focusing on apps and experiences.

Can't wait? Check out this piece for leaked screenshots showing a Centered Start menu and taskbar, or head over to this link for leaked wallpapers.

How excited are you about Windows 11?

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