Windows 11 Builds Incoming for Insiders Next Week (With Some Changes…)


Microsoft has just announced its brand new operating system, calling it Windows 11. With a centered Taskbar and what Panos Panay calls "glass-like" transitions, this modern and yet "nostalgic" OS is on every Windows enthusiast's mind, especially the Insider community.

Whether you are already an Insider or will sign up to get your hands on the new operating system, Microsoft has shared the good news that the new builds will start coming next week. However, it appears there are going to be some changes to how Insiders will receive Windows 11 Insider Preview builds.

Windows 11 Build 22000.706 (KB5014019) Is Out for Release Preview Channel

What to know if you are planning to get Windows 11 Insider builds next week

First, you need to check if the device that you use for running Preview builds meets the minimum system requirements since the Windows maker has changed some requirements with this release. Alternatively, you can download the PC Health Check app to confirm whether your PC meets these requirements.

The company does mention, however, that there may be limited exceptions for those already on the Dev Channel builds. "While we recommend that all PCs meet the full hardware requirements for Windows 11, we are allowing some limited exceptions as we apply these new restrictions," it said.

All Windows Insiders who have already been installing builds from the Dev Channel on their PCs up through June 24, 2021 will be allowed to continue installing Windows 11 Insider Preview builds even if their PC does not meet the minimum hardware requirements. Insiders with PCs already in the Dev Channel have been installing and giving feedback on builds with Windows 11 features since last year. Our way of saying thanks is to go ahead and give them the opportunity to see everything come together.

However, this might translate into more bugs and issues that may not even get fixed since your machine isn't technically the target device for Microsoft.

windows 11 insider preview build

Moreover, once Windows 11 is released to the public, these devices that didn't meet the minimum requirements "will be opted out of flighting and will not be able to receive future Windows 11 Insider Preview builds."

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These PCs must clean install back to Windows 10 with the media (ISOs) that we provide and can then join the Release Preview Channel to preview Windows 10 updates.

Those in the Beta Channel will begin receiving Windows 11 updates later this summer

Microsoft said that it will be moving PCs that do not meet hardware requirements for Windows 11 in the Beta Channel to the Release Preview Channel. Note that the exception mentioned above is only being made for those in the most fast-paced Dev Channel.

Amanda Langowsky and Brandon LeBlanc of the Windows Insider team added that the team realizes this is a bit of a change, "but this will ensure Windows Insiders have the best possible experience with Windows 11 Insider Preview builds on their PCs."

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