Windows 11 Chat App Will Appear on the Taskbar and It Is Powered by Microsoft Teams


Microsoft introduced us to Windows 11 earlier today, and there are certainly exciting features added to this new generation of Windows. One such addition is the preinstalled Windows 11 Chat app. This app will allow users to connect with friends, family, and work colleagues through the Microsoft Windows Teams.

Windows 11 Chat App Powered By Microsoft Teams

The consumer version of Teams powers this chat application. It will allow users to send messages, documents, images and even carry out video calls directly from the operating system’s taskbar. In addition, the company says that since Teams is cross-platform, this application will allow you to connect with people regardless of whether you use Android, iPhone, or desktop PCs.

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Windows 11 Chat App
The Chat UI comes with a ‘Meet Now’ button to invite participants for a video call. You don’t need to join a Microsoft Account for this either. You will also be able to send texts via Android and iPhones. This application is essentially replacing Skype as the latter will no longer be pre-installed in Windows 11. The ‘Meet Now’ feature of Windows 10 will be replaced with this Chat app in Windows 11 operating systems. What I like most about this new taskbar app is that it allows two-way SMS communication, although the other person you are talking to has the Teams app installed or not. This seems like a faster way to connect with your friends while you work, and you can also mute or unmute directly from the taskbar.

According to Microsoft, the pandemic taught us a whole new form of communication. After 18 months, when we are slowly trying to get back to normal, this app will still give users a platform to conduct family meetings, official meetings, and catch up with friends.

Are you excited about this taskbar feature? Do you want to have a chat app that you can access directly from the taskbar, or prefer the older versions? Let us know.

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