Windows 10X Is Official – Built Exclusively for Dual Screen Devices Like the Upcoming Surface Neo

Rafia Shaikh
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Microsoft today introduced a pretty forward-thinking dual-screen Surface product called Surface Neo that is due to be released to the public next holiday season. With this upcoming device that has our hearts beating fast in anticipation, the Windows maker has also introduced the newest variant of Windows 10, called the Windows 10X.

Windows 10X is the company's latest attempt at Windows Lite as company strives to make Windows 10 less bloaty and more suited for a lightweight, tablet product.

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"It gives you rich expressive input," Microsoft says. The new Windows 10X gives the ability to users to ink and delivers a truly immersive experience that doesn't make dealing with two screens a problem or a hiccup.

The company showcases how you can get your work done on one screen while putting Netflix on the second screen of Surface Neo, coming to the public in 2020.

What we know about Windows 10X right now

While we await more details, here is what Microsoft focused on during its event today. The company showcased how Windows 10X allows you to seamlessly move a physical keyboard on top of its glass screen, and switch apps around it to let you keep on working without having you to do anything.

The new Windows 10X also brings a new Start menu look, leaving Live Tiles behind. Bringing a more simplified version of the operating system and its design elements, we will have to see how the two operating systems adopt new features from each other. The new Start menu carries apps that you can pin and a list of your recent documents.

"Windows 10X is the best of Windows 10 built to enable unique experiences on multi-posture dual-screen PCs," Microsoft says.

We have taken the Windows 10 that customers know and love and built Windows 10X in a way that marries the familiar with the new.

Windows 10X promises to enable users to get things done faster on the go by being flexible and fluid. Whether you are taking notes and reviewing a project proposal on the second screen, or sit down at a table to write an email on a hardware keyboard along with watching a video, the OS will help you do it all rather than being clumsy.

Since the introduction of dual-screen devices that are going to be mainstream pretty soon, there is this struggle over how an end user will deal with two screens and how an OS will support such an experience.

Microsoft says that Windows 10 users will need "practically no learning curve" with Windows 10X as the "navigation and functionality will feel familiar." But that doesn't mean it's the same operating system. To support two screens, a keyboard and a stylus, the new Windows 10X includes "some advancements in the core technology of Windows" to help it adjust to flexible postures and mobile use.

"We needed to deliver battery life that could drive not just one, but two screens," Microsoft writes. "We wanted the operating system to be able to manage the battery effect of our huge catalog of Windows apps, whether they were written in the last month or five years ago. And we wanted to deliver the hardware performance and compatibility our customers expect from Windows 10."

To do all that, Microsoft said, that it didn't wipe the slate clean, but evolved Windows 10.

Windows 10X availability

Microsoft says next year will bring a slew of dual-screen and folding devices from several Windows ecosystem partners, including ASUS, Dell, HP, and Lenovo. Microsoft's Surface Neo will also be released next year in the holiday season.

All of these devices will be powered by Windows 10X and Intel. Until next year, the company will collaborate with developers to work on experiences tailor made for dual screens. Microsoft said that it's still in the early stages of development and will continue to learn, listen and adjust over the coming months to perfect Windows 10X enabling dual-screen PCs in 2020.

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