Cortana Spartan And Continuum – What To Expect From Microsoft’s Windows 10 Event Tomorrow

With Microsoft's Windows 10 event all set to take tomorrow, its time to take a quick recap at what we know about the upcoming operating system and what changes Redmond will be making on the consumer side of things at tomorrow's event. Only users of Windows 7 and above will be getting Windows 10 directly this time round and all others will have to make fresh installations of the OS on their systems. So lets take a look at what to expect from Windows 10 at Microsoft's upcoming event.

How-to-Get-the-Start-Menu-Back-in-Windows-10-5-620x348Desktop And Taskbar

While the last Windows 10 event showcased several changes such as shifting of several apps from metro onto desktop, tomorrow's event is expected to build on that and showcase several more features. User interface on Windows 10 for desktops and laptops can expected to be showcased tomorrow, with Microsoft choosing to focus on elements of the UI like color themes and new icons. Focus should also be present on the Taskbar which includes several customizations courtesy of leaked screenshots.


Another appearance tomorrow is expected to be made by Cortana, Microsoft's digital assistant for Windows 10. Cortana has made several rounds on the internet already, and to see her in action in video, click here. The virtual assistant for Windows 10 is expected to carry out several tasks on your PC such as setting reminders, making searches online, booking reservations, checking the weather and more. So tomorrow Microsoft's expected to further expand on Cortana's functionality to make it better suited to a PC platform.

Windows 10 Xbox OneA Single Platform

Microsoft's also expected to highlight more on Windows 10 being a single platform for smartphones, tablets, PCs/notebooks and TVs. So expect Redmond to address more on the hows and whys of the single platform aspect of Windows 10. Microsoft's also expected to elaborate more on Windows 10's Single Store component, that will enable users to purchase similar apps across devices running Windows 10. Another interesting feature that can make an appearance tomorrow is Continuum, a feature that allows laptops to be easily used with keyboards and such.

New-Screenshots-Reveal-Windows-10-s-Spartan-Browser-469448-3 Spartan

A major addition to Windows 10 that can be expected tomorrow is Spartan, which is Microsoft's expected replacement for the infamous Internet Explorer. Spartan is expected to finally be a fresh browser choice from Microsoft for users who hated Internet Explorer - which is practically everyone. Spartan is expected to be a lightweight Internet Explorer replacement and is also expected to come with Cortana integration on board. As with Windows 10, the new browser is also expected to work across all three platform - PC, Tablets and Smartphones. In addition, Spartan is also expected to include improved browser extension support making it finally catch up with the likes of Mozilla's Firefox and Google's Chrome, who have thrived under Internet Explorer's inadequacy.

Lumia-935Windows Mobile

The main question in the mobile world tomorrow will be that will Windows 10 on mobile be able to succeed where previous versions failed against iOS and Android? Windows Mobile, or Windows 10 Mobile is expected to be a major departure from Windows RT, and for good reason as well. A better integration between desktop Windows 10 and its mobile version should also be on the cards. coupled with an overall improved interface as well.

Xbox OneThe Xbox And Cross Platform Gaming

Staying true to Windows 10 serving as a single operating system for multi platform, another correct step for Redmond tomorrow would be cross platform gaming, that would let you pause your game on your Xbox to simply resume playing it on your PC. That could be one sure way Microsoft could develop a solid lead over its main competitor, Sony, when comes to the console war since the latter lacks Microsoft's infrastructure for such a platform.


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