Take A First Look At Cortana – Microsoft’s Digital Assistant For Windows 10

Ramish Zafar

Cortana, Microsoft's first digital assistant on Windows has been making quite a lot of rounds these days. These are mostly in the forms of advertisements and such and generally target Apple's Siri found on its iOS devices. But with the Windows 10 Technical Preview out since quite a while back, we'd expect a running version of Cortana to be with us sooner than later. And that day has arrived today, with this video of Cortana which has popped up.

Take A First Look At Cortana - Microsoft's Voice Assistant Seems To Be Working Quite Smoothly.

Released by folks over at WinBeta, this version of Cortana helps us get an initial good look at what Microsoft will have for us when Windows 10 finally comes out next year. Keep in mind that the version shown above is the demo version of Cortana so we can't expect complete functionality from it.

Some of the features shown in the video above, as you'll find out if you watch it are the ability to set alarms, reminders and more. Other features on Cortana include the ability to take notes and play music, though for the latter, its required that she be hooked up with Xbox music. With Cortana you can also get directions, search for locations near you and get the weather, something which is also present on Apple's Siri.

By the looks of things so far, Cortana looks to be quite a good assistant to have on your PC or laptop. Overall functioning of the virtual assistant is smooth and without any major glitches, even on the Windows 10 Technical Preview shown in the video above. So thats all for today folks. If you want to give Cortana a try yourself, download Microsoft's Windows 10 Technical yourself. And as always, let us know in the comments section about what you think.


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