Five Months In and Windows 10 Surpasses 200 Million Device Installations


A new report claims that Microsoft's latest Windows 10 operating system has managed to surpass the 200 million installations milestone before the year-end.

windows 10 200 million installs

Windows 10 exceeds 200 million device installs:

Microsoft's free upgrade strategy and incessant marketing tactics are seemingly working in the favor of the company's latest OS offering. A new report from WinBeta claims that Windows 10 has been installed on over 200 million devices since its official launch on July 29, earlier this year. Referring to unnamed sources, the blog reports that "with 2015 at a close, Microsoft has 200 million installations in the bag." Microsoft had officially reported 110 million installations for latest Windows OS, back in October. It's been almost three months since and factoring in the holiday sales, 200 million device installs doesn't seem to be a surprising number.

Exactly five months since the launch of Windows 10 and the operating system seems to be steady enough to reach to its 1 billion mark in the next three years. We have recently seen stats revealing that Windows 7 users are finally moving towards the new operating system too. Windows 7 still has the crown of the most used operating system in the world and with its loyal user base upgrading to Windows 10, and new devices coming in the market will help the company reach its goal of 1 billion devices.

Microsoft will continue to offer the new Windows as a free upgrade to Windows 7, 8 and Windows 8.1 devices until late July 2016.

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