Windows 10 is Now Running on Over 110 Million Devices – Microsoft


Windows 10 has been installed on over 110 million devices in the last two months since its release, Microsoft says.

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Windows 10 hits 110 million devices:

At its Windows 10 devices event today, Microsoft has officially announced that the new operating system is running on over 110 million devices. We already saw some reports announcing Windows 10 reaching the 100 million installs milestone, but Microsoft never announced it officially, until today.

Released on July 29, Microsoft aimed to see Windows 10 powering 1 billion devices within two years. Only five days after its release, Windows 10 was running on nearly 20 million machines, which then reached to 50 million devices in less than two weeks. In August, Microsoft announced that 75 million devices were running Windows 10 and now it has finally reached to its next big milestone. Looking at how the company has already achieved 10% of its goal set in April in just two months, the new OS seems to be quite on track. These 110 million devices include millions of Windows Insider machines and 8 million Enterprise users as well.

Not only the number of installations, but Microsoft's Terry Myerson said that the Windows Store has been visited more than 1.25 billion times, 650 billion web pages have been viewed on Edge, and that nearly 120 years of gameplay has been streamed from Xbox to Windows 10 devices!

Microsoft is set to announce new Lumia devices at its event today along with refreshing its Surface lineup. The company has already announced a new Band and talked about HoloLens at its event in the New York City.