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iPad Pro with Windows 10 is Being Sold in Taiwan – Disaster or a Win?


In an early comparison between Apple's iPad Pro and Microsoft's Surface Pro lineup, several of our readers commented that the Surface Pro takes the lead because of its desktop operating system. While iPad Pro has a beautiful design, powerful specs and an increased screen real estate to suit artists and businesses alike, the mobile OS does limit its enterprise-level usage. Seems like, our readers weren't the only one to find the use of iOS limiting the capabilities of a larger tablet as there are some units of iPad Pro being sold with Windows 10 loaded onto it. No, today is definitely not the April 1st!

ipad pro windows 10

iPad Pro powered by Windows 10 - yay or nay?

In an interview, Andy Tu, President of Data Express has revealed that the premium reseller of Apple products in Taiwan has been selling iPad Pro units loaded with Windows 10 and Office 365. Tu shared that the sales of the iPad Pro tablets were better than what was expected earlier during the first two weeks of its launch in the local market. To boost these sales, they are shipping iPad units with Windows 10 installed on them. He further added that over 50% of iPad Pro buyers chose to buy Apple Pencil, which could have gone up if there wasn't a shortage of the Apple Pencil.

Over 50% of iPad Pro buyers have chosen to use Apple Pencil for their iPad devices, and the ratio could go up to 70% if there were no shortage of the Apple Pencil.

We couldn't confirm with Data Express if they are indeed selling iPad Pro with Windows operating system, but the folks at Digitimes mentioned that it is happening. "To further promote the new tablet, Data Express is offering the iPad Pro loaded with Window 10 and Office 365 in addition to OS X," the publication reported.

The only anomaly here is that the report claims that the iPad units are being shipped with both the Windows 10 and the Mac OS X. Windows 10, iOS 9, OS X - one poor device and three different operating systems? Let's see if we can get a confirmation from the folks in Taiwan if the device is really being loaded with the Windows operating system. In the meantime, don't forget to share with us how you feel about this deal. Would you buy the 12.9-inch tablet from Apple being shipped with Windows 10 or would you prefer iOS 9?