Internal Email Reveals Microsoft’s Plans of Windows 10 Mobile Rollout This March


Microsoft was expected to release the highly awaited Windows 10 Mobile update for the Windows Phone 8 devices in February. A report last week claimed that the company was planning to release the update in the week of March 7. While users are expecting to receive the notification on their handsets this week, it might be "too early" for this upgrade to arrive as Microsoft is now reportedly planning to start the Windows 10 Mobile rollout passively later this month, after the regular monthly service updates are sent out for the Windows 10 devices.

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Windows 10 Mobile rollout for older phones to begin later this month

Evleaks is reporting that the company will be releasing the update later in March, after it has pushed out the regular monthly updates to the Windows 10 powered devices.

In an email to partners, seen by VentureBeat, Microsoft is now targeting a release this month, to occur after the regular monthly service updates for the two Windows 10-powered handsets already on the market, the Lumia 950 and 950 XL. - Venture Beat

Venture Beat adds that at the time of release, the rollout will be passive. The update will be available to download manually for older Lumia handsets, and Microsoft will start "actively pushing the new firmware to eligible devices" in the future, "on an unspecified timetable." The latest update on the Windows 10 Mobile rollout for older Lumia devices clarifies that unlike previous expectations, the firmware update process is now expected in two separate releases: the service update for Windows 10 devices, and the upgrade for Windows Phone 8 handsets.

This report too is unconfirmed like all that we have seen so far about Windows 10 Mobile release for older devices. However, looking at last week's report citing a March release and the current leak also hinting at a release later this month, Windows Phone users might finally receive the highly anticipated firmware update on their devices this March.