Upcoming Windows 10 Mobile Redstone to Bring New Ways to Handle Calls

Rafia Shaikh

A new feature has been discovered in the latest internal Windows 10 Mobile build, and it seems pretty exciting. An upcoming build of Windows 10 Mobile Redstone might bring additional ways to handle calls to the owners of Windows 10 Mobile devices.

windows 10 mobile redstone

Windows 10 Mobile Redstone to bring Call Audio Routing

A leaked internal build of Windows 10 Mobile reveals that an upcoming build of the newly released operating system might bring additional options of how a user wants to route their calls. Calls can be routed directly to a connected Bluetooth device or to the Phone speaker, allowing user to choose where they want their audio to play when they get a phone call.

Users will also be able to choose a new option to have the speaker phone automatically turn on when the phone is removed away from the ear. These additional call routing features might appeal to a small number of users who want to have the control of audio devices getting the calls. The second feature will be a helpful tool to move to the speaker phone without having to interrupt an ongoing conversation.

Windows 10 Mobile gets audio routing options in latest Redstone builds. Also it is now possible to turn the call on the speaker just by moving the phone from your ear.

Could also be released as an app updated for phones running 10586 and Insiders later. mswin

The new functionality is being added to both the Windows 10 for PCs and Windows 10 Mobile. An upcoming test builds of Windows 10 coming to Insiders are expected to bring these call audio routing features.

windows 10 mobile redstone

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