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“You are all gonna FREAK OUT when you see” the New Windows 10 Features


Now that both the Windows 10 PC and Windows 10 Mobile are available to users, it's time to talk about the next big thing - the new features coming to the operating system. Microsoft's Build Conference is just around the corner, which means we are going to hear about all the new improvements and features that Microsoft has been working on for the Windows 10 PC and Mobile.

windows 10 redstone

New Windows 10 features to "CHANGE EVERYTHING"

For several months now, we have seen Microsoft focusing more on stability than the new features. In the previous few preview builds, the company released some new features and improvements from the next wave of Windows Redstone development branch, but none of these were as exciting as fans wanted them to be. Microsoft is expected to release the first part of these Redstone updates this summer, while spring 2017 will bring the next wave of Redstone features and updates. As Insiders have already started testing out the Redstone preview updates, it's time to look out for some major features coming to the newly released operating system versions.

With the anticipation of Microsoft talking about these major features at Build for both the Windows 10 PC and Mobile, Microsoft's program managers are already sharing their excitement on Twitter. Microsoft's Rich Turner and Scott Hanselman have taken to Twitter to tease Windows 10 fans about these new features - in a quite overexcited-fanboy-mode:

As usual with these tweets, there are no details whatsoever about what new features we are talking about here. However, folks at Microsoft persist that we won't be disappointed once these new improvements are shared at the Build.

That’s quite some expectation you’re building. Let’s see.

— Jim Conolly () March 16, 2016


I think you'll agree after //Build!

— Rich Turner (@richturn_ms) March 16, 2016

In the previous few weeks, we have seen several leaks and rumors hinting at Cortana improvements, Edge browser extensions, better sync between Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile, and some Messaging improvements. Although we aren't sure if Windows 10 Mobile will get any major focus, but as Windows 10 Redstone first wave is coming soon to Windows 10, Microsoft will certainly want to keep its fans hooked to the new features planned for the operating system.

We will know more about Microsoft's plans of Windows 10 at its Build 2016 developer conference later this month.