Windows OS Market Share Falls Below 90% for the First Time – Win10 Continues to Grow

One of the fastest growing Windows operating system versions, growth rate continues to slow down for Windows 10. New data published for the month of April shows that the newest addition to the Windows family now claims a 14.35% of market share, only a 0.20% increase from March's 14.15%.

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Windows 7 and Windows XP finally take the fall

Windows 7 is still the top most used operating system, however, it has now fallen to below 50% for the first time. The operating system version has fallen to 48.79% from 52.47% in the beginning of this year. Windows 7 had a market share of 51.89% in March. Windows 7, at the top position, is followed by Windows 10 and then by Windows XP.

This month not only saw Windows 7 take a huge fall, but also Windows XP going to a single digit market share for the first time. Now discontinued, Windows XP has a market share of 9.66%. Windows 8.1 is at the fourth place with a market share of 9.16%, down from 9.56% in March.

With Windows 7 and Windows XP finally losing their market share, it was the first time that Windows share fell below 90%. Windows as a whole has now a market share of 89.23%, while OS X rose to 9.20%.

Windows 10 continues to grow, slowly and steadily

Microsoft aims to bring Windows 10 on over 1 billion devices in the next 2 years. Showing impressive growth trajectory, Windows 10 was installed on over 75 million machines within a month of its launch. Microsoft said in March that the OS was actively running on around 270 million devices.

The latest operating system version is offered as a free upgrade to Windows 7 and 8.1 users, driving major growth in the early months of its release. Microsoft has promised to deliver a significant update, dubbed as Windows 10 Anniversary Update in July this year. This planned update will not only bring more features and improvements, but also stability to the operating system. It is expected that following this update, users who are still not satisfied with the performance of the new OS will finally make the move.

While the company may seem a little far from its 1 billion devices goal, with enterprise slowly coming onboard Windows 10, it is expected that Microsoft will reach to its goal in the planned timeline. Pentagon gave the new operating system a major vote of confidence earlier this year, claiming that all of its 4 million devices will be updated to Windows 10 in the next twelve months.

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