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Annoyed by the number of alerts you receive from different apps and services on your Windows 10 machine? Improving on to Windows 8 notification system, Microsoft is offering even more control over notifications with its latest operating system. There is nothing you can't control when it comes to Windows 10 notifications. Here is how you customize Windows 10 notifications to your own liking.

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How to better manage Windows 10 notifications

While users have all been looking forward to the new and improved Action Center where you get notified of everything important, it does get annoying at times. If you want to have better control over Windows 10 Notifications, you can customize your settings to ensure you are only alerted for things you are really interested in. Here is how you can customize Windows 10 Notifications.

  • Go to the Settings app (WinKey + I) > System. windows 10 notifications
  • Head over to Notifications & actionscustomize windows 10 notifications

The Notifications & actions settings give you granular control over how you receive Windows 10 notifications. In here, you can disable various configurations to reduce the number of notifications you receive on your Windows 10 machine. From alarms, reminders, tips, to incoming calls - you can get notified for whatever you want. You can choose to enable Hide notifications while presenting when you are about to give a presentation. Or, if at any time, you simply want to disable all kinds of notifications, right-click the Action Center button in the taskbar and enable Quiet Hours.

Go to Show notifications from these apps to disable, enable, or customize app notifications. In here, you can manually configure settings by turning the notifications on and off, or customizing features for that specific app. You can choose to get notifications for an app only in the Action Center or through the banner. You can also mute the sound so that the apps that send more frequent notifications don't interrupt you with a sound.

If you want to customize the length of time notifications are shown, you will have to go to Settings System to configure.

  • Go to the Settings app > System.
  • Click on Ease of Access Other optionswindows 10 action center
  • Under Visual options, you can select for how long you want notifications to appear on the screen.

Left at the default settings, Windows 10 notifications could appear overwhelming to many. The operating system, however, offers controls to not only reduce the number of alerts, but also to customize how the notifications behave. Don't forget to let us know what other notification controls you want to see coming to Windows 10.

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