When Windows 10 Forced Upgrade Turns Useful: Kicks Out a Hacker During a Potential Hacking Attempt


We have seen a number of reports of annoyed Windows 7 and 8 users, who were interrupted during important business meetings, or worse, live newscasts to upgrade to Windows 10. While we are certainly not endorsing this intrusive behavior of Windows 10 when it suddenly decides to become your grandma and take decisions for you, there has at least one "positive" report come forward due to this forced Windows 10 upgrade process.

Windows 10 forced upgrade: a "ransomware that eats other ransomware"

I have long been hated for hating on Windows 10 - it kicked me out of my dearest and super old Lenovo laptop. But at least I made the decision to upgrade to Windows 10 myself and wasn't forced to do so. It was too appetizing to ignore all that buzz on July 30th last year. For many users, the decision to upgrade to Windows 10 wasn't their own as Microsoft suddenly decides to do that on its own. We have reported on several instances when a user in China had to postpone a million dollar deal because he couldn't finish working on his presentation, and another when a meteorologist had to deal with the GWX app on the screen instead of the usual rain, sun and clouds.

But the Windows 10 forced upgrade has worked in favor of at least one user, who was saved from the recent TeamViewer hack. This Reddit user has reported that he was impacted by the recent TeamViewer hack, when the hijacker who broke into his computer couldn't do any harm because GWX decided to upgrade to Windows 10. The hacker was kicked out by the Windows 10 upgrade process, because he was disconnected from the PC as the network connection was no longer available.

Now, hacker would have resumed his work once reconnected but guess what? Windows 10 upgrade process removed TeamViewer because of the compatibility issues, thereby removing any chances of the hacker getting connected to that target machine again.

I was in the middle of being controlled but fortunately a Windows 10 upgrade suddenly started and kicked the hacker off.
Then my version of teamviewer was removed automatically because it wasn't compatible.

Okay, this is not a good news because, well the upgrade process was forced, and it did impact the applications a user might have needed. But, at the end of the day, it did work in favor of the end-user, so let's not hate on Microsoft's nagware marketing strategies at least for today.

There is no way to verify this story, since there is only a Reddit user report as evidence. But, if it's indeed a true story, it would be "like ransomware that eats other ransomware," a comment said.

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