New Low for Microsoft: Removes the ‘X’ Button from Windows 10 Upgrade Dialog

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[Update]: Microsoft has denied removing the rescheduling option from the Get Windows 10 dialog box.

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Even after constant user complaints about the behavior of Microsoft's GWX app, the company is still persistent on forcing Windows 7 and 8.1 users to install Windows 10 - no matter what the cost. In a recent such attempt, Redmond has introduced new changes that will make it more difficult to avoid Windows 10 forced updates on your computer.

Nonstop stories of Windows 10 forced upgrades

We recently posted about a scathing user report where Microsoft had changed the behavior of the X (close button) on the Get Windows 10 app. Instead of closing the process, the app started taking the NO as a YES and started downloading and installing Windows 10 without any further interaction. After a flood of criticism, Microsoft reviewed the newly changed behavior and introduced a second popup that would allow the user to confirm or delay the installation process.

Turns out, that was only a temporary happiness that Windows 7 and 8 users shared, because the company is again in the news, annoying users. Microsoft is making it extremely difficult to avoid automatic Windows 10 updates now, and is removing the option to cancel the update altogether. A report from The Register claims that there is no cancel option in the update dialog box anymore, as the user is presented with choices to either upgrade instantly or choose a upgrade time. As you can see in the screenshot below, there is no X button, and only two options. Reports claim that users also aren't able to re-schedule the chosen upgrade time once they have selected a date and time to upgrade on this dialog box.

windows 10 forced updates

No cancel, no rescheduling - Microsoft has taken it a step further to force Windows 7/8 users into upgrading to the latest operating system. Many of our readers have commented that users should just simply make the upgrade. But, if the company really hates Windows 7 and 8.1 so much, it should just stop supporting it. Microsoft has promised to support Windows 7 until 2020, and users should be let alone to use their favorite operating system until then. As a report from PCWorld recently shared that to avoid Windows 10 upgrades, users are disabling critical security updates on their Windows 7 machines, which is not only counterproductive but also puts Microsoft's users at risk.

Windows 10 experienced its largest growth spurt in the month of May after August 2015, a recent analysis had revealed. To achieve its goal of reaching a billion Windows 10 installations, it seems likely that we will keep seeing threatening strategies, making users to upgrade to Windows 10, whether they want it or not.

[Update]: Microsoft says The Reg's report is "inaccurate:" Microsoft Denies Removing the Close Button from Get Windows 10 App

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