Here’s How the New Windows 10 Anniversary Start Menu Looks Like


At its Build Conference, Microsoft talked about the Windows 10 Anniversary Update releasing this Summer. This first major update since the launch of Windows 10 in July last year, is expected to bring several new features to the operating system. Many of these features were showcased or talked about a little at the event last week. Along with other UI and UX improvements, Microsoft is also considering an improved Start Screen and Start Menu for Windows 10. The company has asked for Insiders feedback about the changes that it plans to bring forward to the Start Menu for Windows 10. Here's an early look at what changes might be coming to the Start Menu for Windows 10 PC and Start Screen for tablets.

windows 10 start menu

Improved Start Menu for Windows 10

Microsoft is inviting feedback for a new design for the Start Menu that introduces a new hamburger menu, bringing All Apps list to the front of the menu. The company is also planning to bring small UX improvements to the Start Screen geared toward tablet users bringing a more Windows 8.1-like experience. While we saw some images of these changes, the features weren't showcased in detail. You can see the comparison between the current Start Screen / Start Menu and the planned UI for the improved Start Screen and Start Menu for Windows 10 in the following screenshots.

start menu for windows 10

windows 10 start screen

To make voting easier for those interested, Microsoft’s Jen Gentleman has tweeted today what the new hamburger menu will look like in a gif. As you can see, the hamburger menu will be customizable where user will be able to add the shortcuts.

Microsoft is looking forward to Insiders' feedback on this design change planned for the Start Menu. You can learn more about these changes and vote for your favorite here.

In the linked Sway post, Microsoft’s Peter Skillman, Brian Uphoff, Eric Papamarcos, and Jen Gentleman have shared more details about these changes.

Start menu: This view is predominantly designed for PC. We’ve heard your feedback, and we’ve focused on consistency, efficiency, simplicity, and making better use of the space.

The All apps list is essential to understanding which apps you have on your device. We’ve elevated this list to the top level of the UI to reduce clicking & scrolling. This makes it easier to access apps in the All Apps list. It also reinforces the consistent Start experience across form factors.

Start screen: This view is predominantly designed for tablet. We’ve heard from Insiders that they feel Windows 8.1 start screen delivered a better tablet experience than what we have in Windows 10 today. We are addressing that and are looking to make the All apps list more usable in two ways:

  1. Full-screen All apps list in tablet mode. We heard your feedback that the All apps list should be full-screen in tablet mode and explored several designs that aid efficiency while taking advantage of the additional real estate when Start is full screen. Specifically, we’re striking a balance between density and “scan-ability” (i.e. how easy it is to scan the list to find the app you want).
  2. A combined “Most used” and “All apps” list view. With this approach, we hope to address the confusion that many users felt with the two very similar list views (“Most Used” and “All apps”).