Wii Emulator Cemu 1.14 Includes Experimental Texture Cache System


A new update has been released today for the Wii U emulator Cemu, introducing a couple of features which should improve emulation for several titles.

Cemu 1.14 includes, among other features, a new experimental texture cache, which should fix visual glitches for several titles. Additionally, the new update also adds support for launching .elf executables, the ability to store multiple presets in one graphics pack, a new general settings window and more. As the new version has just been released for Patreon supporters, there aren't tests available, but things should be changing soon enough.

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The previous Cemu update has been released last month, introducing a variety of features and improvements, such as additional languages support and more.

general: Added French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese and Turkish community translations

# New in 1.12.2d:

GX2: Fixed a rare texture bug caused by one of the new optimizations in 1.12.2

# New in 1.12.2c:

CPU/JIT: Fixed crash that could occur when recompiling functions with a very large amount of branches

# New in 1.12.2b:

h264: Fixed bug which lead to video playback causing softlocks or crashes

# New in 1.12.2:

general: Added UI localization
This feature is experimental and the default language is still English.
Currently provided are Spanish, Russian and German translations

CPU/JIT: Optimized code translation. Up to four times faster while still generating code of the same quality compared to previous release
This should help in situations where large amounts of game code is executed for the first time. E.g. booting a game or the first loading screen
CPU/JIT: Small improvements to generated code:
Use x64 near JMPs where possible
Optimized code for LWZX instruction

input: Fixed wiimote button 1 and 2 being swapped

NEX: Fixed a bug that could cause permanent 100% CPU usage on one core

GX2: Optimized draw calls by avoiding unnecessary render state checks
GX2: Fixed support for R8_UNORM textures
GX2: Added support for gl_FrontFacing in GPU7 shaders

Cemu is now available for download on its official website. The 1.14 update is now only available to Patreon supporters, and it should release in the next few days for the public.