Weekly Roundup – Top Posts of the Week, Bloodborne II in the spotlight


This week saw games-related posts among the top posts of the week in otherwise usually hardware topics. Possible release of Bloodborne II, EA mocking the complaints from the community, and rumored use of ZEN 2 in upcoming Xbox Scarlett was the leading news articles in our weekly roundup.

Read the full roundup of top posts below.

NZXT H7 ATX Mid-Tower PC Cases Revealed: Aim To Offer Exceptional Thermal Flowthrough & Easy Access To Inner Components

AMD Navi RX 3080, 3070 & 3060 Specs & Prices Leaked 

AMD is allegedly readying three brand new graphics cards based on its upcoming 7nm Navi graphics architecture.

AMD Ryzen 3000 Specs & Prices Leaked, Up to 16 Cores & 5.1GHz on AM4

AMD is allegedly preparing 10 new unbelievable Ryzen 3000 series CPUs, including a 16 core with a mind-boggling 5.1GHz clock speed.

From Software President Miyazaki Comments On The Possible Release of Bloodborne II

It’s been some time since the release of From Software’s Bloodborne, and most fans of the game are ready to return to its bloody and unforgiving world.

MSI Unveils High-End MEG 342C QD-OLED Gaming Monitor: 34″ UWQHD Panel, 1800R Curve, 175Hz Quantum-Dot


AMD Ryzen 3000 Series To Feature Support on X570 Chipset Based AM4 Boards

AMD’s mainstream AM4 platform is here to stay and while it may get updated features and new chipsets in the run, it will support AMD’s current and next-generation Ryzen processors.

EA Appears to Mock Battlefield V ‘Genderfield’ Community Complaints Through the Game’s Launch Party

It appears that publisher EA is mocking the complaints from the community about the historical accuracy of the recently released Battlefield V.

AMD Outsells Intel 2 to 1 at Germany’s Largest E-Tailer in November

For every one Intel processor sold at Mindfactory.de last month, buyers purchased approximately two AMD processors.

Xbox Scarlett Will Use Zen 2 and AMD Next-Gen GPU Technology; 4K@60 FPS Is “On The Agenda”

The next console generation is fast approaching, with both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles being now over five years old, but official details are still scarce on the new consoles that Sony and Microsoft will release in the fairly near future.

Monster Hunter World Producer Teases Imminent Announcement That Will “Make Everyone Happy”

Monster Hunter World producer Ryozo Tsujimoto has teased an imminent announcement that will surely please fans.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Alleged Live Image Shows 5G Prototype

One big change that you should expect on the Galaxy S10 next year is a brand new display.

Big Galaxy S10 Leak Lays Bare Full Design & Horizontal Camera Setup!

The Korean tech giant slowed down the pace of innovation on its iconic smartphone lineup recently, and as a result, it’s got quite a lot of ground to cover next year.