From Software President Miyazaki Comments On The Possible Release of Bloodborne II


It's been some time since the release of From Software's Bloodborne, and most fans of the game are ready to return to its bloody and unforgiving world. The team's latest game, Deraciné, includes plenty of references to Bloodborne, and From Software president has been recently asked about them and a possible sequel.

Speaking with Spanish website Xataka, as translated by Reddit user Grant us eyes, Miyazaki commented on the possible release of Bloodborne II, saying that he is not in a position to talk about the matter. As he isn't denying the possibility of the game ever coming out, it's likely that something may be in the works.

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Last question, coming from a fan, and you can answer with a yes or no. It goes with spoilers. In 'Deraciné', Yuliya, the sick girl, has some toys that are clearly related to 'Bloodborne'. The names of his friends, Laurent, German, also have a lot to do with 'Bloodborne'. The books they read, as well. Is 'Bloodborne' the fevered delirium of a dying girl? Is the dream of the hunter his dream?

[Kitao and Miyazaki look at each other. They start laughing. They speak briefly. Then, answer.]

Okay, yes. Actually, this is exactly the conversation that my team and I had. It's the kind of conversation we keep during development, because there are Easter eggs ... However ... The easter egg in itself is not indicative that we are going to launch 'Bloodborne II'. I'm not in a position to talk about a possible release of 'Bloodborne II'. However, we love 'Bloodborne'; that's why this easter egg has aroused so much curiosity. But, I repeat, it's not a 'Bloodborne II' notice. It's just something that we explored among ourselves, because we love 'Bloodborne'.

With the current console generation being five years old and new consoles looming ahead, there's a good chance that Miyazaki cannot talk about the game since it's being developed for the next PlayStation console. We will keep you updated on the matter as soon as more come in on it, so stay tuned for all the latest news.