Wccftech’s Best Adventure Games of 2019 – Using the Brain

In 2019, adventure games have continued to offer some of the most interesting and beautiful entertainment available. Although they might not have the widest commercial appeal, the genre has a dedicated community of fans and incredibly talented developers that work to create memorable stories and experiences. Here are some of the best adventure games that released this year, which all offer the intrepid player something very different from the usual gaming fare.

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Outer Wilds (7)

I don’t think anyone will forget their first experience with Outer Wilds, the game that lets you explore a tiny and yet intricate solar system to your heart's content. You’ll use makeshift spaceships and spacesuits to travel between the planets looking for answers, but it's the celestial bodies that steal the show. Each one is unique, bursting with imagination and filled with things to explore. This is an adventure game in its purest form.

Lost Ember (8)

The most recent entry on the list to be released, Lost Ember demonstrated a beautiful world, interesting exploration, and a story that will keep you thinking. Playing as a wolf and helping guide a spirit to the afterlife, players venture across a series of valleys where they learn hints of the civilisation that rested here, and the wolf’s former life. Where Lost Ember really stands out is in the ways you can explore these valleys. You're able to take control over different creatures and you’ll be able to wander through the same area several times, each time seeing something new and worth exploring.

Draugen (8)

Draugen is a beautiful game, and that cannot be overstated. The quiet loneliness of the fjords is perfectly captured in its astounding beauty from the very beginning of the game and is bound to stay with you long after you’ve stopped playing. But, behind that, there is a haunting adventure through a seemingly abandoned town. Edward and Lissie make for wonderful characters with their deep, vivid personalities, and their development as the mysteries unfold is incredible, not to mention well worth checking out for yourself.

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Concrete Genie

Concrete Genie (9)

Not every game on this list has to be slow-paced, and Concrete Genie, with its moments of platforming and chance to run around is a welcome inclusion. Simply put, the game asks you to beautify an abandoned and darkening town with magical graffiti. While you’ll be using pre-drawn assets, your creativity will still flourish as you unlock new designs and find monolithic walls to colour in. And on your artistic voyage, you’ll also get to reflect on the town you’re in and what reduced it to this state in the first place. 

Heaven's Vault (9)

Heaven's Vault is a puzzle game you haven't experienced before. From its engaging story to its engrossing fictional language and puzzles, this is a game that feels rewarding in a way that no other game has done before. Players can expect to labour over single letters as they try to piece together ever longer words, or take their time meandering across one moon to find all the secrets it has to offer. For anyone looking for a story-driven experience with puzzles that require lateral thinking, Heaven’s Vault might just be heaven for you too.

Life is Strange 2 (9 on average)

Life is Strange 2 has been a year-long adventure through the dangerous wilds and equally dangerous societies of America. After a disaster leaves two brothers orphaned and running from the police, Life is Strange 2 explores not just the country they’re wandering through, but their relationship with each other and the world's relationship with them. Tactfully handling some incredibly complex issues and orchestrating some emotionally devastating climaxes, each episode of Life is Strange 2 has been a highlight throughout 2019.

Honorable Mentions

Adventure games come in all shapes and sizes and some of them sadly didn't quite make the shortlist of the year's best. Even so, I'd like to highlight some of the adventure games that came close and are really worth your time.

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