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Rumor: Visceral’s Star Wars Main Character, Plot and More Details Leaked


It has been a long time since Electronic Arts confirmed that Visceral Games, responsible for the Dead Space series among other major projects, was working on a new Star Wars video game. However, the official details regarding this project are scarce, and we have barely been able to see a teaser and some minor details as the possible influences. Recently, though, some information on the story and the main character that would star in this new title has been leaked by Making Star Wars. 

The game's codename is reported to be "Project Ragtag" and Visceral has reportedly crafted a complex and rich story that, at the writing level, would have nothing to envy when compared to the movies from which the universe takes place.

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The main character will be played by Todd Stashwick (12 Monkeys, The Riches, The Originals, Supernatural and Gotham) and will be called Dodger. This will not be his real name, anyway, but a sort of battle name that he assumed after his escape from imperial forces.

Dodger is a native of Alderaan and shortly after its destruction, he has been put on the "Most Wanted" list by the imperial forces. The game is set in fact soon after the end of "A New Hope" and just before "The Empire Strikes Back."

Dodger then works for Jabba the Hutt and while doing so, he discovers a terrible truth about one of the weapons of the Empire. He will then have to decide what to do, also confronting himself with his past.

Making Star Wars also disclosed some info about the weapons at his disposal, it has been revealed that Dodger would have the help of a light whip/grapple stick and a blaster.

For now, there is still no release date for this game or other official information. We can only hope for an excellent title, especially from the narrative point of view, given that Amy Henning is involved.

We must remember that these are rumors and should, therefore, be taken with a pinch of salt. What is certain is that if everything goes according to plan, Visceral is aiming to launch this project between April 2018 and May 2019; so we probably do not have to wait too long to get official details.