Viking Themed Battle Royale Game VALHALL Gets New Trailer; Alpha Testing Now Live

VALHALL is the first Battle Royale game to be set in the Viking/Norse mythology world. Developed by independent studio Blackrose Arts, the game is being crowdfunded via Indiegogo and it will launch soon on Steam Early Access.

Meanwhile, though, the developers are conducting Alpha testing (under NDA, at least for the time being) for backers.

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Battle Royale won't be the only mode available in VALHALL, either, as the developers also showcased the Siege mode in the new trailer. You can watch it in the video below.

VALHALL — a Viking first & third person Hack & Slash game with a deep melee combat.

You are one of the survivors from the last battle of Odin’s army.

Almost all your brothers lost their lives fighting against a tremendous enemy. Now an unprecedented apocalypse is going to crush everything in its way!

The best of Odin’s warriors have returned to retrieve the sword of Odin. It possesses power over all natural forces and is your last hope to stop Ragnarök.

You are going to have to fight against all others for the right to possess the sword and save the Nine Worlds from complete destruction.

Key Features:

  • Welcome to VALHALL!
    The map is separated into 4 even parts, each with a different season and environment with dynamic weather and lighting systems.
  • Show your rage!
    Deep, fun, skill-based melee combat system. Feel in complete control of your actions with responsive combat and movement options.
  • Choose your view!
    You are able to play from first and third person perspectives.
  • Apocalypse!
    The map is constantly crumbling away. A gravity field surrounds the map and shrinks further and further towards the center.
  • Great battles and single combats!
    50 warriors fight on the eternal battlefield. With a huge arena in the middle of the map, only one shall leave alive!
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