Warzone 2.0 Drops on November 16th, Includes DMZ Mode

Warzone 2.0

The highly anticipated Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 will be released on November 16th across PC and consoles, as revealed today during Call of Duty: NEXT.

The developers also revealed many details, starting with the new Al Mazrah map, located in Western Asia's fictional Republic of Adal. There is said to be a wide variety of POIs (Points of Interests) on the map, such as:

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  • Oasis
  • Taraq Village
  • Rohan Oil refinery
  • Al Safwa Quarry
  • Al Mazrah City
  • Zarqwa Hydroelectric
  • Mawizeh Marshlands
  • Sattiq Caves
  • Zaya Observatory
  • Al Sharim Pass
  • Ahkdar Village
  • Sa’id City
  • Hafid Port
  • Sawah Village
  • El Samman Cemetery
  • Sariff Bay
  • Al Bagra Fortress
  • Al Malik Airport

The desert setting is mixed with industrial areas, towns, and even rivers, lakes, and parts of the ocean will be part of the Warzone 2.0 combat environment.

With a vast map the size of Al Mazrah, clandestine swimming up river tributaries, underwater ambushes and exploration, as well as quicker movement courtesy of the RHIB or Armored Patrol Boat is all possible, expanding your combat options considerably, using the tactics you’re learning during Modern Warfare II Ground War combat.

Just like in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, which is built on the same technology stack, it'll be possible to climb or drop onto vehicles, damage tires and doors, or shoot out windows. There are 12+ new vehicles in Warzone 2.0, including a Tactical Vehicle, UTV, Light Tank, Heavy Chopper, and Rigid Inflatable Boat.

Every vehicle will eventually need to be refueled, though. This means hotspots like Gas Stations are likely to be highly contested, as they also allow for vehicle repairs.

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Arguably one of the biggest changes in Warzone 2.0 will be that the so-called Circle Collapse can behave erratically in Al Mazrah. This includes the Circle splitting before reconverging later in the match.

As previously shared via insider rumors, there will be AI enemies to be found in the so-called Strongholds. NPCs won't venture out of their areas, so it is possible to never engage them, but doing so can provide beneficial loot, including an item that lets players purchase one of their customized Gunsmith weapons for free.

Infinity Ward also shared the features of the in-game shop in Warzone 2.0:

  • Squadmate Buy Back: Just like in Call of Duty: Warzone, you’re able to buy back a teammate after they’ve been taken down either in combat, or failed to return from the all-new Gulag.
  • Buy Gear: Just like the function of the original Buy Station, you can purchase equipment such as Gas Masks, Killstreaks, Armor, and more.
  • Limited Equipment: Some items are likely to be limited in number, and once purchased, they are gone from the Shop.
  • Buy Weapon: Prior to a match, your main preparation is focused on creating a number of custom weapons for your next match in Al Mazrah.
  • You purchase these custom weapons from here. Note this takes the place of a full Loadout (your Primary, Secondary, Tactical, and Lethal as well as Perks).
  • Custom Weapons are constructed in the Gunsmith, and then bought here. They take up your weapon slots. Tacticals and Lethals are very common ground loot. Perks will not be available in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 at launch.

Last but not least, the developers confirmed another highly anticipated mode: DMZ. This extraction-focused mode is said to be a passion project for the team, though they did not share many details at this time. Still, Warzone 2.0 players can expect to find it at launch as part of the free-to-play experience.

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