View Recently Closed Tabs in macOS Safari Browser – How to


Here's how you can view recently closed tabs in Safari. You can use this feature to recover accidentally closed tabs in macOS.

Access Your Recently Closed Tabs in Safari to Stay on Top of Your Internet Game

Many of us like to have multiple Safari tabs open at once. But keeping track of certain tabs can become somewhat of a nightmare. And we do come across instances where we are forced to shut down certain tabs, losing quite a bit of hard work in the process. Thankfully though, in iOS, the process of viewing recently closed tabs is easy. The process is somewhat similar on macOS as well, Apple's desktop operating system. Today, we will show you how you can view your recently closed tabs in Safari on macOS, allowing you to reopen anything you might have closed by accident.


1. Launch Safari.

2. See that little '+' sign at the top right hand corner of Safari for opening new tabs? Click and hold on it for a second.

3. You will now see a list of tabs you closed recently. This includes websites which you might have accidentally closed as well. Simply click on any link and it will open up again in a new tab.

While long time Mac users might know about this feature, but it's something everyone should know about. It's absolutely frustrating to lose a tab all of a sudden, spreading sheer panic thinking it might not be recovered any time soon. But thanks to Apple, the company has baked in a feature to quickly recover tabs on the fly, whether you have closed them intentionally or otherwise.

Wrap Up

Safari might not win awards in terms of performance when compared directly to the likes of Chrome. But it's a decently performing browser and ties in nicely with Apple's ecosystem. There are lot of little features that are seemingly hidden from the browser, but we will highlight those in the time to come, assuring your experience remains top-notch at any given time.

In the meantime, make sure you check out the following tutorial and explore what Safari is capable of doing.

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