How to Close All Safari Tabs in iOS 10 At Once

Uzair Ghani
Safari Tabs

Want to close all open Safari tabs in iOS 10 at once? We will walk you through a feature that will help you do just that.

iOS 10 Has a Built-In Feature for Closing All Safari Tabs at Once

If you're a person like me, then you probably have no less than 10 Safari tabs open at any given time. And when you want to close those tabs, there's no better option than swiping each and single one of them out of view till you're left with none. It's a painful process and something which we avoid by keeping our tabs down to a minimum. But, thanks to iOS 10, those days of closing tabs one by one are long gone as a built-in feature cuts down the process in the greatest possible manner.

1. Assuming you have a lot of Safari tabs open right now, launch the Safari Web browser.

2. See the 'Tabs' button in Safari? Tap and hold on it.

3. Now tap on 'Close [x] Tabs.' This will close all the tabs you have open in Safari.

But wait, if you press on the 'Tabs' button and then tap and hold on the 'Done' button, you'll be presented with the option there as well. It's totally up to you which route you want to take here as long as it gets the job done.

This feature is insanely handy for a wide variety of reasons which we can't quantify in plain words. And if you make do with Safari a lot, then it's very important to know about it, given you have iOS 10 installed on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Wrap Up

iOS 10 is a gold mine waiting to be discovered in terms of features. Apple managed to pack in a lot of great stuff under the hood that makes day to day tasks that much better than before. And if your OS arsenal of choice is iOS 10 for the year to come, then we suggest keeping an eye out for more coverage from our end. We will do our best to highlight everything there is that can make using iOS 10 way, way better.

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