How to Delete Specific History Entries in Safari for iOS


We'll show you how you can delete specific history entries in Safari for iPhone or iPad. You do not have to clear your entire Web history for this.

Here's How You Can Delete Specific Safari History Items in iOS

As we keep on using Safari for a long time, we will eventually tap on a link which we shouldn't have in the first place. While many of us will resort to the good old fashioned clearing up the history routine, but that's just not feasible in a lot of cases.

For the sake of just one link, you do not want to bulldoze your entire history, right? That's why we'll show you how you can delete a specific history entry in iOS without deleting your entire list.


1. Launch Safari on your iPhone or iPad.

2. Tap on the 'Bookmarks' icon. It's the one that looks like a 'book,' obviously.

3. Under 'Favorites' you'll see an entry called 'History.' Tap on it to open.

4. You'll now see all your history entries here. Find the entry which you want to delete.

5. Once you've found the entry, swipe left on it to reveal the 'Delete' button. Tap on it to delete. Do this for all items you wish to get rid of.

6. Once you're done, tap on 'Done.'

Just like that, you will end up with a crystal clear history list with the unwanted links long gone. The way it should be.

Safari has lots of cool tricks under its sleeve that are waiting to be discovered. One of those features is the ability to reopen accidentally closed tabs. You can find our complete tutorial on it right here.

We will, with time, uncover all there is hidden in Safari, ensuring users get the most of it when it comes to daily usage.

Wrap Up

Safari gets the work done in a lot of ways and ties in nicely with Apple's entire ecosystem of devices such as iPhone, iPad and the Mac. But of course, Safari might not be everyone's cup of tea in a lot of ways. That's why you might want to look into third-party offerings such as Google Chrome, which snuggly sits on the top of the food chain when it comes to usability and features.

We will be back with more how-to guides in the near future, so make sure you're tuned in to our coverage. Meanwhile, do not forget to share your newly learned tip with other iOS users out there.