Video Appears Showing The 4.7 Inch iPhone 6 Screen – Compared To The iPhone 5S

A couple of days posted exclusive pictures of the iPhone 6 front facade. The pictures detailed an elaborate design with significant changes from the previous models. The items pictured were both in black and white variations. In addition, they detailed a changed position of perhaps the front FaceTime camera of the device. The slightly rounded off curves of the facade were another departure from previous design changes. To view the pictures yourselves, click here. Now, Chinese site iFanr has posted a video of the same parts. This video helps us get a better look at the new iPhone 6's front facade and view it in comparison to the previously launched iPhone 5S by Apple. There's also a new expected launch date for the iPhone 6. To learn more about that, click here.

iPhone 6 Front Facade Compared To The iPhone 5S. Shows A More Rounded Off Design And A Larger Screen.

In the above video, the iFanr crew compares the front facade of the iPhone 6 to the iPhone 5S. As you can see, the screen size is 4.7" and the parts are the same as the pictures received by 9toMac. IT gives a sense of how the iPhone 6 will feel in the hand, as compared to the 2D pictures received before. As mentioned before, the internet has indeed been abuzz with iPhone 6 mockups, but once again this video details what the actual parts or the actual look of the much anticipated iPhone 6 will be. In addition, it shows another design departure from previous iPhones in the sense that now one hand will not be sufficient to navigate the larger 4.7" screen. Well thats all in the iPhone 6 leaks territory today folks. Hope you enjoyed the video and as usual, tell us in the comments section what you think about it.


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