First Look At The Upcoming iPhone 6 – Pictures Leaked Detailing Actual Front Facade

As the period in which Apple is expected to launch the next iPhone 6 gets nearer, we get to see more and more mockups of the device. We've covered several of these ourselves as well. But, whatever the case may be, mockups will remain to be mockups. What we have for you today is what webiste 9to5Mac claims to be actual pictures of the upcoming iPhone 6. Not of the entire device of course, but of it's front facade. The pictures are both in black and white variations. They allow us to get a much better look at what the upcoming iPhone 6 can be expected to look like. In fact, appearance of these pictures might also be able to provide us with the ability to guess at the launch date of the device.

Pictures Show Completely Different Facade From Previous Models. FaceTime Camera Also Possibly Relocated

As the launch period for the iPhone 6 nears, leaks of expected parts can also be predicted to increase. Last year the fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 5S was almost confirmed before the phone's actual launch. Now, coming towards the photos received, the photos themselves do not end up revealing much about the actual design of the smartphone. Shown in both black and white, the front facade of the iPhone 6 looks to be completely different from that of the previous models. The slightly rounded off curves of the facades also show a departure from the designs of the previous generations of the iPhone. Positioning of the hole for the front FaceTime camera also appears to have been moved to the left of the front speaker. It should be worth mentioning here that the pictures received show the 4.7" version of the iPhone 6. Apple is also expected to launch a larger 'phablet' version of the device.

Also, it has also been rumored that Apple is supposedly to change the back lighting method for the iPhone 6. This would lead to a further reduced thickness. In fact, according to some leaked specifications, the iPhone 6 should allegedly be about 7 mm thick, as opposed to the 7.6 mm on the previous models. Availability of these parts suggest that the iPhone 6 is finally nearing mass production. These photos also almost confirm that the iPhone 6 will most likely be launched this September. All in all, the front facade of the phone does not disappoint, even though it provides us with little technical information. Below are more pictures of the iPhone 6 front facade, courtesy of


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