Verizon to Stop Selling Pixel Phones, Starting With the Pixel 4a, Possibly Due to Poor Sales


If Google was looking to turn around its smartphone division, well, that plan has apparently run into another roadblock. According to sources familiar with the matter, Verizon will no longer be selling Pixel smartphones, meaning that there’s a very high probability that the Pixel 4a won’t be promoted by the carrier when it launches in a short time.

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According to an unnamed source who told Android Police the specifics, Verizon isn’t interested in selling Pixel smartphones. At this stage, it isn’t difficult to guess the reason. Google’s Pixel family wasn’t known as a successful product with millions of unit shipments recorded for each quarter. Despite the fact that the lineup features one of the best solutions for a smartphone, customers just didn’t seem interested in what the company offered. It also looks like the Pixel 5 might meet the same fate as the Pixel 4a unless Google gives a reason to the carrier to change its mind.

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Even with a large number of discounts offered on not just the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, but the Pixel 4 series too, Google has failed to make a mark in the U.S. market. Even the affordable Pixel 3a family, which Google claims shipped twice as many phones in a single quarter, didn’t convince Verizon of maintaining its partnership with the technology giant. For all those wondering, this is a massive setback for Google and it’s not hard to imagine why.

Verizon is Google’s most important carrier partner. That’s because it holds the biggest market when it comes to advertising and promoting every Pixel model that’s been released so far. The Pixel 4a so far looks promising in terms of design, so let us see if Verizon ends up changing its mind.

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News Source: Android Police