[UPDATED – Confirmed For May 25th; Unlocked Framerate, Resolutions]Vanquish PC Port New Teaser Hints At May Release


[Update 2]  A new trailer has confirmed that Vanquish will launch on Steam on May 25th. All those who purchased Bayonetta last month will receive a 25% discount. Among the PC exclusive features will be unlocked framerate, unlocked resolutions and more.

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Full Steam Support -- Steam Achievements, Steam Cloud Save, Trading Cards, and Big Picture Mode

Unlocked resolutions – play at 4K and beyond

Unlocked framerates – push it as far as your rig will take you; PC gaming at its most liberating

Enhanced PC graphical options – anti-aliasing, anisotropic filtering, SSAO lighting, scalable texture and shadow quality, post-processing effects and more

[Update] SEGA shared yet another teaser today, which seems to indicate that Vanquish will launch on PC on May 25th.

[Original Story] With each passing day, the likelihood of a PC release of Vanquish, the third person shooter developed by Platinum Games, seems to increase. Two days ago, SEGA shared a new teaser which seemed to hint at a Vanquish release this year, and a few hours ago the Japanese publisher shared another one hinting that this release may happen soon.

On its official Twitter profile, SEGA shared another image with a number 5 on it, hinting at the current month. While the image doesn't seem to be a Vanquish screenshot, it's highly likely that it's related to the other day's tease, which was a screenshot of the game's main antagonist.

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Vanquish is among the most interesting titles released by Platinum Games, combining high speed action and precise shooting.

You are Sam Gideon – an American soldier armed with state-of-the-art combat armor known as an Augmented Reaction Suit. Battle for the fate of your nation in a shooting action game like none ever seen!

In addition to an arsenal of firearms and considerable hand-to-hand combat skills, Sam has a few tricks at his disposal thanks to the power of ARS: Tricks like AR mode, which shows him surrounding enemies in slow motion, and Boost, which lets him slide around the battlefield at breakneck speed. Mastering these abilities and more is critical to surviving the no-holds-barred action!

Vanquish combines precise shooting and fast-paced combat action in dazzling new ways.

Vanquish is now out on PS3 and Xbox 360. We will keep you updated on the possible PC port as soon as more comes in on the matter, so stay tuned for all the latest news.

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