Unlocked iPhone 6 Price Starts at $649 for 16GB Model

In its biggest unveiling of history, Apple launched a product lineup that might have been considered risky for a company like Apple. No more regular phone size, Apple certainly bowed down to the competition that Android OEMs put up and is now offering both of its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in larger sizes. Apple also unveiled its Apple Watch - yep, no - which will be available early next year starting at $349. While Mr. Cook shared the pricing and release details of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus during the event but that information was strictly for the carrier-tied iPhone variants. How much will the unlocked iPhone 6 cost you then?unlocked iPhone 6 price

Unlocked iPhone 6 price:

Apple is selling its iPhone 6 starting from $199 for the base 16GB model; add an additional $100 for every storage upgrade and you will get the newly introduced option of iPhone 6 128GB for $499. Considering iPhone 6 Plus is a bigger and better variant out of the two, it will start at an additional hundred bucks: 16GB iPhone 6 Plus for $299, and add a $100 for every storage upgrade.iPhone 6 variants

Now coming to our unlocked iPhone 6 price, which is being looked forward to by the global consumer market, it comes to a mega $649 for the base 16GB variant. This information comes through T-Mobile which has added a contract-free iPhone 6 for $649 for the base variant. It is unknown though if the device would be operator locked or not. Whatever the case be, it does give us a fair idea of how much should you have before you think about getting an unlocked iPhone 6. unlocked iPhone 6 price

If you are in to more storage, 128GB iPhone 6 will cost you a whopping $849, while the 64GB comes for $749. There is no mention of the 32GB variant which is quite odd as it should have been the one at $749 mark. These unlocked iPhone 6 prices are sans any taxes so the end price will have some added few bucks.

Definitely never a cheaper device, iPhone 6 gives you some good new features like a possibility of global LTE roaming, improved camera, 84x faster processor and 50 percent better graphics.

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