More Unannounced Xbox Games Are Arriving This Year, Microsoft’s Director of Program Management for Xbox Confirms


Unannounced Xbox games are arriving later this year, Microsoft’s Director of Program Management for Xbox, Jason Ronald, has confirmed.

Remember when EA DICE developer on the Battlefield series, Angel Kavazov, said that Microsoft allegedly has quite some unannounced exclusive “things” up its sleeve for later this year? Well, from the looks of it, this is indeed the case as Microsoft’s Jason Ronald has now said that not all of this year’s titles have been announced just yet.

Xbox’s Perfect Dark and Fable Are Still “So Far Away”, Journalist Says

During the most recent Iron Lords podcast, the Xbox Director of Program Management was asked about which game he’s looking forward to in 2021, and his reply was greeted with joy.

“Not all games that are releasing this year have been announced”, Ronald said.

We’ve included the timestamped podcast down below:

As expected, no additional details were shared, but fans are already speculating about which unannounced titles could be arriving on Xbox this year. The rumored Forza Horizon 5 appears to be high on the list alongside a new Wolfenstein from Bethesda.

Corden: I Know of at Least Two Major Unlisted Xbox Games That Are Arriving in 2021

Back in January of this year, reputable Windows Central journalist Jez Corden said that he knows of at “least” two major unlisted Xbox games that will be arriving later this year.

“I know of at least two games, big games, that aren’t on that list that are coming from Xbox in 2021”, Corden said back in January of this year during a podcast.

Interesting stuff for sure, and with a lot of players still criticizing Microsoft’s for its lack of Xbox titles, it’s good to learn that there will indeed be more titles to play on Microsoft’s next-gen consoles somewhere later this year.

Which titles would you like to see on the Xbox Series X|S? Do you prefer new IP or a new entry in an existing franchise? Hit the comments down below.