IGN Mocks Xbox For Lack of Exclusives; IGN’s McCaffrey Apologizes, Calling it “Unprofessional and Classless”


IGN has mocked Microsoft’s Xbox One for its lack of exclusive games compared to Sony’s PlayStation 4.

The website took to social media to share a comparison image showing PS4 exclusive God of War and a black empty image for an Xbox counterpart. “Can you spot the differences? #godofwar”, the description under the image reads.

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The images were posted on both Instagram and Facebook, but have since been deleted. Luckily, a screenshot from the image was taken by ResetEra user ‘jbug617’.

Following IGN’s post on social media, an unaware Ryan McCaffrey, senior editor at IGN, took to Twitter to apologize to the Xbox team and community for this “unprofessional and classless” act on behalf of the IGN editorial team.

“I would like to sincerely apologize to the Xbox team as well as the Xbox community on behalf of the @IGN editorial team”, the IGN editor wrote. “The Facebook and Instagram posts were unprofessional and classless and made without my knowledge. The posts will be deleted ASAP.”

Microsoft’s head of Xbox marketing, Aaron Greenberg, later replied to McCaffrey’s tweet, saying he appreciates the note and follow up from the IGN editor. “Thanks Ryan, appreciate the note and follow up”, Greenberg tweeted.

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Although Xbox head Phil Spencer has promised upped investments in Microsoft's first party games, and has expressed to be confident in the years to come, it’s no secret that Microsoft’s Xbox is low on first party exclusives compared to Sony’s PS4. However, it’s quite unprofessional for a major gaming website such as IGN to fuel up the fire.

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