Twitch & YouTube Gaming Video Content More Popular Than HBO & Netflix Combined


According to a report recently released by SuperData Research, gaming video content is now even more popular than all of the biggest movie/TV streaming services combined, including HBO and Netflix.

As you can see below, YouTube's gaming video content alone was estimated at 517 million viewers in 2016 while Twitch brought in 185 million. For comparison, HBO is sitting at 130 million, Netflix at 93 million, ESPN at 90 and Hulu at 12.

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Truth to be told, YouTube and Twitch have the far from insignificant advantage of not requiring a subscription. Still, those numbers are impressive and SuperData also showed estimates for 2017 pointing at further growth. According to the projections below, YouTube could reach 563 million viewers and Twitch 212 million by the end of this year.

Twitch trumps YouTube when it comes to monetization, though. According to SuperData, the company owned by Amazon grabs fifty-six percent of the 3.2 billion US dollars earned by gaming video content this year.

Viewers are estimated to be 666 million around the globe, with 52% of them living in North America. 46% of them are women, by the way.

Are you among the regular viewers of gaming video content and if so, which platform do you usually favor? Let us know in the comments!