YouTube Music Is Now Rolling Out 2022 Recap With Personalized Stats

Furqan Shahid
YouTube Music is Now Rolling Out 2022 Recap with Personalized Stats

YouTube Music has easily become one of the best music streaming services out there thanks to how well it works, all the available artists, and general support. Not to mention, Google is committed to providing support and new features to the app, and while it still has to wait before it catches up with Spotify and other music streaming services, it is safe to say that the app has come a long way and only getting better with time. Today, the service has launched its 2022 Recap, and well, there are some nice things on board.

For those who are interested, YouTube Music is now rolling out the 2022 Recap starting today is available on both YouTube for Android and iOS. Sadly, it is not available in regions that do not support the service in the first place, but you can just go ahead and access it in any other region.

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YouTube Music Is Available on Both iOS and Android

If you want to access it, open the YouTube Music app on the supported platform, tap the profile picture on the top-right corner and check the Recap page. Once you are on that page, it will serve as a feed "highlighting your top songs from each season" along with other highlights such as the top artists, tracks, music videos, and playlists. This works a lot like Spotify Wrapped, but this time, with YouTube. Google, however, is taking things further with a new Google Photos integration that allows users to combine “music and memories for a nostalgic look back at your year.”

Moving on, the new YouTube Music Recap is also going to give you access to Top Trends as well as Identity. As the name suggests, one shows you the artists you come across before other users, and the other actually creates a "music personality" that is akin to your music taste and what you listen to.

Last but not least, the page is also going to give you access to the remixes, live performances, and other YouTube-exclusive content that you accessed this year.

The best thing here is that Google is also bringing the same experience to the main app so more and more users can join in and have a personalized experience. If you are interested, you can head over and get all the information. Alternatively, you can read more about this here.

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