YouTube is Introducing Live Q&A so Creators Can Better Interact During Live Streams

Furqan Shahid
YouTube is Introducing Live Q&A so Creators Can Better Interact During Live Streams

Whether you are a creator or a spectator, YouTube is easily one of the best platforms; the platform gives countless tools to creators to better engage with audiences, and you even have live sessions where creators can just go and share their thoughts or whatever is happening in their life.

Want to Engage with Your Subscribers on a More Personal Level? YouTube Live Q&A Will Allow You to Do Just That

However, YouTube thinks that is not enough as the platform is now getting a Live Q&A feature that will allow the creators to interact with everyone who is watching their live stream in a much better and more humane way.

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Although the feature is just rolling out, the idea of it is nothing new, to be honest. YouTube has said that the Live Q&A is going to let the creators create and manage Q&A sessions during live streams as well as Premiers. You can do so straight from the Live Control Room.

YouTube also believes that this is an excellent way of building a community, and you will also be able to engage with your subscribers on a more personal level as you will be answering questions that the users might have. The option is going to appear alongside Live Polls, which is another excellent way to increase engagement.

With new features, there is always a set of questions that need to be answered first. For those wondering how the incoming questions will be moderated, YouTube has mentioned that they will be moderated using the same system that creators are already using to moderate live chat. This means that blocked words, hold for review, and reporting messages are all features that are going to stay, which is a great thing to prevent any untasteful behavior from happening.

Sadly, unlike some other platforms, the YouTube Live Q&A does not let you assign any moderator who will be responsible for managing the questions coming your way. However, if you have given editor or manager-level access to some users, they will be able to view the Question LIst, and they will also be able to select the questions that need to be answered or remove questions that they deem inappropriate or offensive. This is certainly a great feature for anyone who is running the channel with a friend or a family member.

YouTube has even shared a video that you can check out below:

If you are interested in more about the feature, you can always head here and read all about it.

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