Twitch Prime To Give Away Ten Games in Two Months Including Superhot, Oxenfree, Shadow Tactics and More


Twitch Prime will give away five games to subscribers in March and five in April, for a total of ten games in two months.


Tales from the Borderlands Returns in 2022 with a New Entry Developed In-House at Gearbox

· Superhot

· Shadow Tactics

· Tales from Candlekeep

· Oxenfree

· Mr. Shifty

Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun – Aiko’s Choice Preview


· Tales from the Borderlands

· SteamWorld Dig 2

· Kingsway

· Tokyo 42

· Dubwars

These aren't just any games, either. We've reviewed both Shadow Tactics and Oxenfree, for example, and they received high scores from our reviewers. Below you can find a few choice quotes from the respective articles.

Shadow Tactics

Shadow Tactics fills a hole in the genre that has long been relegated to the past. Frankly, this is a hole that needed filling, particularly when you realise just how good it can be. Modern stealth games (Dishonored, Thief) all too often leave stealth as a side option for progression, not the core one. This is where the game truly stands tall. It wants you to be stealthy, it punishes you if you aren’t, but it always gives you a means of escape. The major benefit is that Shadow Tactics never repeats itself too much, nor does it reach the point of difficulty that you end up cursing the game. This is what a RTT game should be: interesting, challenging but fair. If you’re a fan of the genre or stealth games, this is well worth your time and money. Those not normally interested in the genre should check out the demo because there’s a very good chance it’ll draw you in.


Oxenfree is a fantastic game, its story could not have been told better, with some expert voice actors and incredible visual effects. The fact that the antagonists of Oxenfree are almost beyond our comprehension is a brave and well-rewarded move. Although their motives initially appear vague, confused and dangerous, could feel purposely aggravating, Oxenfree represents the supernatural in a way that feels beyond our understanding, and helpless to influence it. This is a fundamental aspect of what makes Oxenfree so spooky, that these powerful entities act in a way we can’t possibly predict, while clearly remaining intelligent. Those too scared to boot up a horror game can enjoy the intense atmosphere without fearing a heart attack at unneeded jump scares in Oxenfree, while those who enjoy a good ghost story can play one of the best the genre has had to offer so far. The characters of scared teenagers might be a little off-putting if you hate a cliché, but the depth of the personalities, situations and voice work make this an experience you won’t want to miss.