New Tales from the Borderlands October Date Confirmed, Deluxe Edition Includes First Game

New Tales from the Borderlands

Details slipped out last week, but today during Gamescom Opening Night Live, New Tales from the Borderlands was officially unveiled with a full trailer. The new game follows a “trio of losers,” Anu, Octavio, and Fran, who are hoping to survive an invasion and perhaps score some vault treasures along the way. The game is clearly being developed using the main Borderlands engine by the folks at Gearbox Quebec and looks to be bringing much higher production values than the original Telltale game. You can check out the debut trailer for New Tales from the Borderlands, below.

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Need to know more? Here’s the official New Tales from the Borderlands description…

“Take a stand against ruthless corporate overlords in this narrative-driven adventure! Within the perpetually war-torn metropolis of Promethea, you'll control Anu, Octavio, and Fran on the worst day of their lives. Help these three lovable losers as they endeavor to change the world (and maybe even save it)! Face down a planetary invasion, vicious vault monster, and cold-hearted capitalist in this cinematic thrill ride where what happens next is up to you! Meet a motley cast full of misfits, assassin bots, and talking guns in this race to the top! It's time to fight back against exploitation and corporate greed. It's time to make Mayhem your business.”

  • Decide the fates of altruistic scientist Anu, her ambitious, "streetwise" brother Octavio, and the fierce, frogurt-slinging Fran. With nothing left to lose and everything to gain, you'll claw and con your way through this thrilling five-part story!
  • The Borderlands aren't just home to Vault Hunters, psychos, and weapons-corp CEOs—they're full of downtrodden, intrepid civilians just trying to get by. With a host of returning and fresh faces, this unforgettable tale is sure to delight fans new and old.
  • The decisions you make determine how your story ends in unexpected ways. Whether it's Anu's vision of a universe that markets more than weapons, Octavio's dreams of fame and fortune, or Fran's frosty plot for revenge—their success or failure depends on you.

New Tales from the Borderlands will set you back $40, although there’s also $50 Deluxe Edition that will also include a copy of the original game.

New Tales from the Borderlands launches on PC (via both Steam and Epic), Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, and Switch on October 21.

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