How To Transfer Media To iPad And iPhone Without iTunes


iTunes is an integral part of the iOS eco-system. Apart from being a standalone content store, iTunes can be used to upgrade the firmware on your device, manage apps and transfer media to and from the device. Its actually quite easy to do all of that using iTunes but there are some users who wish to transfer media to iPad and iPhone without iTunes.

If you are one such person, then we have the perfect solution for you provided that you have a jailbroken iPhone or iPad. There is a new jailbreak app called Bridge. When installed, it allows you to transfer all sorts of media to your iOS device without needing iTunes.

The Bridge jailbreak app for iPhone and iPad is feature packed. If connecting your device to iTunes for even the simplest of media related tasks irks you, then this is the app for you. Following are the features of Bridge:

  • Import any song or video that is on your device into your media library
  • Import media from within other applications (Only apps that have a ‘Open in…’ option)
  • Download and import media from the Internet
  • Importing media is fast, taking only a few seconds
  • Preview songs and videos before importing them to your media library
  • Song information is set automatically and can be manually edited at any time
  • Set import type: Song, Ringtone, Podcast, Video, Music Video, or TV-Show!

Undoubtedly the entire premise of this app is to transfer media to iPad and iPhone without iTunes. Bridge has a built in file browser through which files can be accessed. URL of any specific file can be pasted in the browser for direct access to said file. YouTube videos can also be easily imported in to the device using Bridge, if they have already been downloaded using the various jailbreak apps that let you do that.

After you transfer media to iPad and iPhone without iTunes, Bridge app allows you to enter metadata such as album title, artist name and song name. Content can be designated as either music, videos, ringtones etc. The app is simple and extremely effective. It makes adding and removing content on a jailbroken iOS device very easy and is definitely worth every penny.

Bridge jailbreak app for iPhone and iPad can be downloaded right now from the BigBoss repository in Cydia. The app, compatible with iOS 6 and iOS 5, comes with a price tag of $1.99 which is nothing for the features Bridge offers. So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Cydia right now, download Bridge, and transfer media to iPad and iPhone without iTunes!