Tower of Fantasy Confirmed to Launch Globally on August 10; Game-Themed ARG Launched

Tower of Fantasy

Developer Hotta Studio and publisher Level Infinite created the game Tower of Fantasy, an open-world RPG quickly approaching its release date on mobile phones and PCs. This game has managed to gather a lot of popularity. As for said release date, there’s a new update on that front. Players will be able to pre-download the game starting on August 9th, 2022, at 10:00 PM EST.

This comes after the game went through two closed beta tests and has been popular with players over in China. That said, the game has seen over three million pre-downloads, as well as the official Twitter page becoming a place for vague updates on the things going on in the game world. One of these includes yesterday’s update, which you can see below.

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That update alerts players that the Omnium Tower (in-game) was disrupted, consequently affecting the real-world Twitter account’s stability. This also kicks off an ARG with the community, as things players do within the game will affect the Twitter account thereafter.

This is in addition to the features Tower of Fantasy already boasts, such as exciting weapon-based combat, online co-op with friends, in-depth and expansive character customization, and a well-written, compelling narrative. In a little over a week, players will be able to experience this title on Android, iOS, and PCs, playing either alone or with their friends in the world of Aida.

It should be noted that Tower of Fantasy’s upcoming release date is for the global servers of the game. Internationally, the game’s already available in China on mobile phones, meaning that they could be some months ahead, or other regions will just jump in at whatever point China’s servers are at.

Tower of Fantasy is set to launch on August 9th globally, 2022, for Android, iOS, and PC via Steam. In other upcoming game news, Toplitz Productions has announced a new Survival game called Serum which will be published alongside Game Island.

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