Toplitz Productions Secures Rights to Publish Survival Adventure Game Serum Alongside Game Island

Serum Toplitz Productions

Game publisher Toplitz Productions, as well as their upcoming title Serum, was announced to be a collaborative effort between them and Polish development studio Game Island. Game Island is a company that entered the gaming scene in 2020 and is actively hiring Unreal Engine 4 developers.

The two companies will collaborate on Toplitz’s upcoming game, Serum, which will be released next year. Players find themselves in a world unknown to them, and the green liquid (the serum, if you will) controls everything in your life. What does all of this mean, and further, what are you even doing there? The development team has a new teaser trailer out today, which you can watch below.

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The teaser trailer gives a couple of notes away about the game; first off, that it’s a first-person survival game, and second, that the aforementioned serum will probably play a pivotal role mechanically. Otherwise, it’s more a trailer of “this game exists and will be out next year” than anything.

The partnership also has comments from both companies’ CEOs.  "We are delighted to have found a partner in Game Island, who is investing so much heart and soul and creativity in the project, and we are looking forward to the next development steps with great anticipation," explains Matthias Wünsche, CEO of Toplitz Productions. "SERUM with its special features fits perfectly into our portfolio and will serve a new, expanded target group alongside Dynasty Games and the Giant Series."

And Michal Ojrzynski, the CEO of Game Island, said, "We are glad that we've found a well-established and trustworthy partner in Toplitz Productions. With their publishing experience, Serum will have a chance to reach a worldwide audience. Our companies have had an excellent understanding since our first talk about the game.”

Finally, Toplitz has gone and said that between now and the upcoming release, they and Game Island will be gradually introducing players to Serum’s world and how the game plays. Serum is slated to release at the end of 2023 on PC.

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