Marvel’s Midnight Suns, The Day Before and More Confirm DLSS 3, Dead Space Getting DLSS 2

Nathan Birch
Dead Space Remake Marvel's Midnight Suns

NVIDIA just held their big CES 2023 event, and as you would expect, they used to opportunity to announce a raft of new raft of games supporting their DLSS upscaling tech. New games confirmed to have DLSS 3 at launch, or to be adding it in post-launch patches, include Marvel's Midnight Suns, The Day Before, Warhaven, Throne and Liberty, Tower of Fantasy, and more. Additionally, NVIDIA also announced the Dead Space remake will support DLSS 2 at launch. Here’s the full list of newly-announced or reconfirmed DLSS 3 and DLSS 2 titles.


  • Marvel’s Midnight Sun (updates to DLSS 3 in Jan)
  • The Day Before (coming later this year with ray tracing and DLSS 3)
  • Thone and Liberty (launching with DLSS 3)
  • Witchfire (launching later this year with DLSS 3)
  • Atomic Heart (launching Feb 21 with DLSS 3)
  • Warhaven (coming soon with DLSS 3)
  • Dakar Desert Rally (updates to DLSS 3 in Jan)
  • The Cycle: Frontier (updates to DLSS 3 in Jan)
  • Conqueror’s Blade (updates to DLSS 3 in Jan)
  • Tower of Fantasy (updates to DLSS 3 in April)
  • ILL Space (launching early access later this year with ray tracing and DLSS 3)


  • Dead Space (launching Jan 27)
  • Judgment (available now)
  • Lost Judgment (available now)

NVIDIA has also released a series of trailers, showing off some of the games listed above running with RTX features and DLSS turned on. We’ve already covered trailers for Atomic Heart and Witchfire. As you would expect, some of these trailers show impressive boosts in performance, with The Cycle: Frontier jumping to 188fps with RT on and Tower of Fantasy delivering 167fps with RT on. Sadly, no showcase of what DLSS 2 does for Dead Space just yet.

The Day Before (with Ray Tracing and DLSS 3)

Throne and Liberty (DLSS 3)

Warhaven (DLSS 3)

Dakar Desert Rally (DLSS 3)

The Cycle Frontier (DLSS 3)

Tower of Fantasy (DLSS 3)

As a final tidbit, NVIDIA is also promising the following updates to DLSS in an update before the end of this quarter...

  • AI network enhancements for DLSS Frame Generation that better take advantage of game engine data, improving UI stability and image quality during fast movement.
  • An updated AI network for DLSS Super Resolution Ultra Performance mode, improving fine detail stability and overall image quality.
  • An updated AI network for NVIDIA DLAA that improves image quality, reduces ghosting, and improves edge smoothness in high-contrast scenarios.

What do you think? Impressed with NVIDIA’s latest DLSS offerings?

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